Minox the best subminiatures from Germany

Minox was a manufacturer of known especially for its Subminiature cameras with a film size of 8x11mm. The original product of this maker was the subminiature camera conceived in 1922 and called the Minox Riga. The first Riga’s where made at of stainless steel and are quite rare to find. They where produced by Valst Electronica (VEF) in Riga. After world war II the camera was redesigned and production resumed in Germany in 1948 . Walther Zapp originally envisioned the Minox to be a camera for everyone requiring only a little photographic knowledge .But in part deu to its high manufacturing cost the Minox became more well known as a must-have luxury item. From the start the Minox also gained wide notoriety as a spy camera. Minox branched out in 35mm and 110 film format cameras in 1974 to 1976. Minox continues to operate today, producing or branding optical and photographic equipment .