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Contarex a legendairy camera system. Made by Zeiss Ikon .

At the time Contarex camera’s where a legend They where the most progressive and remarkable cameras available. No other camera was so well built and bulky , the finish was perfect.It was the biggest , heaviest and most lavish camera kind ever bult. The camera was built-up from 1100 parts and weighted 740 grams. There […]

Kodak Retina, the poor mans Leica.

Kodak Retina folding series camera’s. Eastman Kodak entered the 35mm camera market during the slow recovery from the depression, and the Retina cameras were especially designed to attract costumers who couldn’t afford the Leica and Contax cameras. Eastman had purchases the Nagel Camera Werk in 1932 to provide good quality cameras at the more reasonable […]

Rolleiflex TLR the camera of the world.

The Square idea that changed photographic History Without any doubt was the introduction in 1929, of the first Rolleiflex Twin Lens Reflex ( TLR ), a sensation: an as ingenious as simple principle that quickly made the Rolleiflex THE must have professional camera all over the world. Producing high quality 6×6 cm square negatives in […]

The Leica R system.

Leitz made 2 systems in there history that makes it worth collecting and using analogue camera´s. The famous M system and R system. I am a fan of the R system, that started with the SL series. Leitz produced more than a dozen different camera´s and around 50 lenses. These where all of high quality […]

Minox the best subminiatures from Germany

Minox was a manufacturer of known especially for its Subminiature cameras with a film size of 8x11mm. The original product of this maker was the subminiature camera conceived in 1922 and called the Minox Riga. The first Riga’s where made at of stainless steel and are quite rare to find. They where produced by Valst […]


Hasselblad accessoiries. Hasselblas is a brand of fine camera makers regarded as one of the best in the world. In their range of products, they produced a lot of special accessories to make using there cameras a lot easier. Some small items got lost trough the years and getting rarer to find. We have looked […]

New stock of filters.

The winter is coming and the changing of the weather also makes a lot of different colors kicking inn at a normal day. Some give very nice results and some may spoil your pictures. With the latest improvements in digital photoshop programs you can add or take away these influence’s, but this can also be […]

Catadioptric lenses in photography. (Mirror lenses)

Mirror lenses are used from the early seventies in camera systems. The lens is more compact then the normal tele lens because the use of the Cassegrain design. This design makes use of mirrors to fold the optical path of the light and reduces the physical length of the lens. By using a convex secondary […]

Olympus Pen F system, the half frame camera from the 1960.

The Olympus Pen F system.   Olympus launched the Pen F system with the double stroke Pen F in 1962. This was one of the first half frame system cameras with a good range of lenses and accessories. What made the camera special was the shutter mechanism which was made from metal and rotated in […]

More to come !!!.

Please watch out for the new items, at the moment we are selling a nice selection of Leica Screw Mount items from different makers. These are from a collector whom is clearing off its collection. Some items are very hard to find and toke a long period to find.