Kodak Retina, the poor mans Leica.

Kodak Retina folding series camera’s.

Eastman Kodak entered the 35mm camera market during the slow recovery from the depression, and the Retina cameras were especially designed to attract costumers who couldn’t afford the Leica and Contax cameras. Eastman had purchases the Nagel Camera Werk in 1932 to provide good quality cameras at the more reasonable prices allowed by Dr August Nagel at the helm of the Stuttgart facility, now called Kodak AG. The responsibility of designing a low cost quality camera for Kodak’s 35mm debut was given to Dr Nagel, who had proven track record long before he sold his factory to Eastman Kodak. The Retina line included a variety of folding and non-folding 35mm cameras, including a single lens reflex series. The Retina camera’s where noted for their compact size and high-quality and good priced products compared to their competitors like Zeiss or Leica.

All of the Kodak Retina camera’s from 1930 to the late 1950’s were folding camera’s with a short self-erecting bellows, lens board, and folding metal door cover. During the production time from about 30 years there were a lot of accessories made for the different models. From lenses to stereo attachment and close-focusing items, including filters and shades.

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