The Leica R system.

Leitz made 2 systems in there history that makes it worth collecting and using analogue camera´s.

The famous M system and R system. I am a fan of the R system, that started with the SL series.

Leitz produced more than a dozen different camera´s and around 50 lenses.

These where all of high quality even that e few where produced in Canada , Portugal and Japan.

It is always easy to state which models where the best, and that’s a matter of taste , Leitz started there production of the R3 the successor  of the SL2  in Portugal . A lot of costumers were unsure, thinking quality products should came from Germany. It is a fact that a R3 made in Portugal is still working to this day and age. So production elsewhere is not always a bad thing.

Leica Portugal has been manufacturing quality products for over 50 years,

and are still doing so today .Which shows that  Leica AG are happy with the

Portuguese standards used for Leica .

I was always amazed by the brightness of the viewfinder, this in combination with their well built lenses is a joy to use even today. The prices of the Leitz products where exceptionally high due to there well built design and performance. To built these lenses now would be very very expensive. Not only the camera´s and lenses are of a high standard, also the accessories they developed for this system. As a closure of the R system they designed the R8-R9 series which are a very well designed camera and of an extraordinary design.

We have a good selection of these products in stock which are cleaned tested and when necessary all seals replaced.

Please enjoy the selection.